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The list below is a record of advice the Planning Inspectorate has provided in respect of the Planning Act 2008 process.

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Enquiry received via email

Southampton to London Pipeline Project View all advice for this project

21 May 2019
Clive H Thompson CBE


Alongside my colleague, Mr Kaye Squires, I wish to register as an Interested Party in wishing to be a participant in the above Planning Process Inquiry. You should also receive a register of interest from the Heronscourt Residents' Association, of which Kaye Squires and I are members. I am aware that you are not concerned with the content of our challenge to decisions made, but in case you are asked, our reasons are: 1. Our properties directly impinge upon the recently revised pipeline route; in my case for 140 metres. 2. Even though a properly structured consultation has taken place, we believe that it was inefficiently communicated, by the applicants and our elected representatives, and as such, did not constitute an open public consultation. 3. In choosing the newly revised route alongside our properties, the balance between the SSSI and the Public Amenity that is Turfhill Park in Lightwater, has been inadequately debated, and has arrived at the wrong conclusion.

Advice given

The application for the Southampton to London Pipeline project, submitted on 14th May 2019, is currently being reviewed. The acceptance decision will be made by 11th June 2019. Registration to become an Interested Party to any application opens only when / if an application is accepted for an Examination. Advice Note 8.2 provides further information on how to register to participate in an Examination: attachment 1 The following paragraphs from the Advice Note 8.2 should be helpful: 2. When can I become an Interested Party to an application? 2.1 Once the Planning Inspectorate has accepted an application for Examination, it is the applicant’s duty to advertise the Relevant Representation period and provide details about how to register to become an Interested Party. The Relevant Representation period is the time you have to register to become an Interested Party. The registration period must be at least 28 days and the publicity notice will tell you when the deadline is ? An applicant’s newspapers advert; ? An applicant’s site notice; ? Information on the relevant project page of the National Infrastructure Planning website; ? Via Twitter or email alert if you have signed up for this service on the relevant project page of the National Infrastructure Planning website. 3. How do I become an Interested Party? 3.1 During the registration period you must fill in a Relevant Representation form in full. It is not possible to participate in this process anonymously if you are registering as an individual. The easiest way to become an Interested Party is to complete the form online via the relevant project page of the National Infrastructure Planning website. If you would prefer to fill in a paper form you can contact the Planning Inspectorate during the registration period to request one. Please make sure there is enough time for the form to be sent to you and for you to post it back to the Planning Inspectorate before the deadline for responding expires. 3.2 The Examining Authority will be appointed soon after the application is accepted and will use the views put forward in the Relevant Representations, to carry out an initial assessment of the principal issues. Therefore, even if you are automatically an Interested Party because you have an interest in land affected by the application or your organisation is on a list of prescribed bodies, you should still complete a Relevant Representation form so that your views can be made available to the Examining Authority at an early stage. 3.3 If you are interested in more than one project, you will need to register for each project separately. You may also wish to register to receive e-mail updates which will ensure that you are kept up to date on the progress of the application. You can register your e-mail address on the project page, on the link here: attachment 2

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