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The list below is a record of advice the Planning Inspectorate has provided in respect of the Planning Act 2008 process.

There is a statutory duty under section 51 of the Planning Act 2008 to record the advice that is given in relation to an application or a potential application and to make this publicly available. Advice we have provided is recorded below together with the name of the person or organisation who asked for the advice and the project it relates to. The privacy of any other personal information will be protected in accordance with our Information Charter which you should view before sending information to the Planning Inspectorate.

Note that after a project page has been created for a particular application, any advice provided that relates to it will also be published under the ‘s51 advice’ tab on the relevant project page.

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Enquiry received via email

Cambridge Waste Water Treatment Plant Relocation View all advice for this project

27 July 2020
Helen Seamarks


Sent: 08 July 2020 06:46 To: Enquiries Subject: NSIP - Anglia Water Cambridge Waste Application Good Morning PINs; I am writing to you about the Anglia Water Cambridge Waste Water Application ( Sewage works ) . Am I correct that an NSIP must benefit 500,000 people. I cant believe this project meets the National Project status and 500,000 people. Have Anglia Water shared the maths with PINs and shown they meet the 500,000 people threashold. I assume 500,000 target is on the opening of the project not what might be in 50/100 years. How are developers meant to show they meet the 500,000 people threshold. Take Care Helen

Advice given

Cc: NI Enquiries Subject: RE: NSIP - Anglia Water Cambridge Waste Application Dear Ms Seamarks Thank you for your email. I apologise for the delay in our reply. An application for a waste water treatment plant will be considered as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project under section 14(o) of the Planning Act 2008 (PA2008) if it meets the criteria in section 29(1) that it will be (a) in England and (b) is expected to have a capacity exceeding a population equivalent of 500,000 (when constructed). If the application for the Cambridge Waste Water sewage works is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate, one of the factors the Secretary of State will consider under section 55 of PA2008 is whether or not the application meets that criteria. It is for the applicant to demonstrate that they have met the relevant thresholds. Regards Siân Evans Case Manager National Infrastructure Planning The Planning Inspectorate Helpline: 0303 444 5000 Email: [email protected] Web: attachment 1 (National Infrastructure Planning) Web: (The Planning Inspectorate) Twitter: @PINSgov This communication does not constitute legal advice Please view our Privacy Notice before sending information to the Planning Inspectorate.

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