Yorkshire and Humber CCS Cross Country Pipeline

Enquiry received via email

Yorkshire and Humber CCS Cross Country Pipeline

02 September 2014
Drax Power Station Angling Club - Dan Boast


Advice issued with regards to correspondence received from Drax Power Station Angling Club during relevant representation stage.

Advice given

Thank you for your email and accompanying attachments setting out your comments and queries regarding the Yorkshire and Humber CCS Cross Country Pipeline project.
Unfortunately, despite having received your comments and queries, we are unable to accept them in email format. Please note that at this stage for your comments to be considered they must be submitted on the prescribed form as required by legislation.
It is therefore advised that you re-submit your comments by submitting a ?relevant representation?. You may do this by completing the form available at the following link:
attachment 1
Submission of the relevant representation will ensure that your comments are considered by the person(s) appointed to examine the application (known as the Examining Authority), and will also give you the status of an Interested Party (IP). As an IP you will be invited by the Examining Authority to attend the Preliminary Meeting to discuss the draft timetable for the application. Moreover, as an IP you will also be invited to take a part in the examination of the application by the submission of further representations.
The deadline for submitting your relevant representation is Friday 12 September 2014. Therefore you have until this time to submit your relevant representation, otherwise unfortunately we might not be able to accept your registration and you will not be become an Interested Party.
Should you wish to see guidance on submitting a relevant representation please view: Advice note 8.3: How to register and become an interested party in an application.
In addition, if the attachments included in your email below are part of application documents and currently appear on our website, we suggest referring to those documents in your representation.
Apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause, however I hope this information is useful.
Please feel free to contact me on the details provided below if you would like to discuss the above matter.

attachment 1
attachment 1