White Rose Carbon Capture and Storage Project

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Capture Power Ltd (PDF, 92 KB)
Covering email for Deadline IX Submission
Capture Power Ltd (PDF, 656 KB)
9.12 - Applicant?s Comments on Additional Submissions by Interested Parties- Rev. 1
Capture Power Ltd (PDF, 581 KB)
8.1 - Statement of Common Ground between Capture Power Ltd. and North Yorkshire County Council and Selby District Council - Rev. 9 (signed version)
Capture Power Ltd (PDF, 429 KB)
1.3 - Application and Examination Documents Index ? Rev. 11
Selby District Council (PDF, 171 KB)
Comments on any information and/responses received by the ExA for Deadline VIII ? The Examining Authority has exercised its discretion and agreed to accept this as a late submission following Deadline IX