Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm (Zone 4) – Project Two

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The selection shows documents received from the applicant in relation to the development consent order application.

7.1.2 Policy and Legislative Context (PDF, 605 KB)
7.2.05 Ornithology (PDF, 4 MB)
Other Soil Types and Descriptions (PDF, 2 MB)
Other Description of Network (PDF, 688 KB)
Other Planning Policy (PDF, 924 KB)
Other Locally Designated Landscapes and Landscape Character Areas (PDF, 1 MB)
7.2.09 Marine Archaeology and Ordnance (PDF, 19 MB)
Other Landfall Onshore Cable Route and Converter Substation Location Selection (PDF, 20 MB)
Other Intertidal Bird Survey (PDF, 21 MB)
Other Offshore Wind Farm Safety Assessment North Coates Airfield (PDF, 1 MB)
Other Effects on Landscape Resources During the Construction Phase (PDF, 1 MB)
Other Offshore Export Cable Route Selection (PDF, 9 MB)
Other Commercial Fisheries Technical Report (PDF, 18 MB)
7.2.12 Inter-Related Effects Offshore (PDF, 737 KB)
Other Compensation Compounds Plan (PDF, 30 MB)
Other Marine Archaeology Technical Report (PDF, 33 MB)
Other Environmental Information Part 4 of 4 (PDF, 21 MB)
Other Effects on Visual Receptors at Operational Phase (PDF, 1 MB)
7.3.03 Ecology and Nature Conservation (PDF, 26 MB)
Other Historic Landscapes and Landscape Character Areas (PDF, 909 KB)
7.3.09 Noise and Vibration (PDF, 5 MB)
Other Foundation Scour Assessment (PDF, 1 MB)
Other Terrestrial Ecology Survey Figures and Associated Tables (PDF, 29 MB)
Other Aerial Photographic Survey Report (PDF, 16 MB)
Other Otter and Water Vole Survey (PDF, 22 MB)
Other Intertidal Walkover Survey Report (PDF, 5 MB)
Other Landmark Envirocheck Report Converter Substation Site (PDF, 11 MB)
7.1.0.a Non-technical Summary (PDF, 6 MB)
Other Operational Noise Assessment (PDF, 681 KB)
Other Benthic Ecology Technical Report Part 1 (PDF, 37 MB)
Other Legislation Summary (PDF, 629 KB)
Other Airborne Noise Technical Report (PDF, 6 MB)
7.3.08 Traffic and Transport (PDF, 11 MB)
Other Plume Dispersion Modelling (PDF, 8 MB)
Other Local Receptors for Landfall and Cable Route (PDF, 6 MB)
Other Base Traffic Flows (PDF, 942 KB)
7.2.02 Benthic Subtidal and Intertidal Ecology (PDF, 25 MB)
Other Effects on Visual Receptors at Construction Phase (PDF, 1 MB)
Other Construction Vehicle Trip Generation Assumptions (PDF, 760 KB)
7.3.02 Hydrology and Flood Risk (PDF, 7 MB)
Other Transboundary Impacts Screening Note (PDF, 835 KB)
Other Draft Written Scheme of Investigation (PDF, 16 MB)
Other Bat survey Onshore and Offshore (PDF, 33 MB)
7.3.05 Landscape and Visual Resources Part 1 (Section 5.1 to 5.6) (PDF, 25 MB)
Other Enhancement Mitigation and Monitoring Commitments (PDF, 2 MB)
Other Cumulative Effects Wirelines from Sample Viewpoints (PDF, 1 MB)
Other Environmental Information Part 1 of 4 (PDF, 14 MB)
7.3.10 Air Quality and Health (PDF, 14 MB)
Other Cable Burial Plume Assessment (PDF, 16 MB)
Other Environmental Information Part 2 of 4 (PDF, 46 MB)
7.3.06 Historic Environment (PDF, 18 MB)
Other Groundsure EnviroInsight and GeoInsight Reports (PDF, 4 MB)
Other Planning Policy (PDF, 1 MB)
Other Trial Trenching Report (PDF, 14 MB)
Other Field Walking Report (PDF, 7 MB)
Other Public Transport Networks (PDF, 6 MB)
Other Site Gazeteer (PDF, 497 KB)
7.1.4 Site Selection and Consideration of Alternatives (PDF, 14 MB)
Other Bedform Analysis of Cable Route Corridor (PDF, 6 MB)
Other Wave Modelling (PDF, 18 MB)
Other Aviation Military and Communication Technical Report (PDF, 13 MB)
Other Reptile Survey (PDF, 9 MB)
Other Illustrative Layouts and Drawings (PDF, 7 MB)
Other Subzone 2 and Offshore Cable Route NRA (PDF, 45 MB)
Other Project Two Route with HA A160 Scheme (PDF, 1 MB)
Other Effects on Visual Receptors During the Decommissioning Phase (PDF, 1 MB)
Other Operational Noise Model Input (PDF, 3 MB)
7.1.1 Introduction (PDF, 5 MB)
7.2.04 Marine Mammals (PDF, 37 MB)
Other Location of Offshore Cumulative Schemes (PDF, 8 MB)
Other Hedgerow Report (PDF, 1 MB)
Other Phase 1 Intertidal Sand Dune and Salt Marsh Habitat Survey (PDF, 7 MB)
Other Site Waste Management Plan (PDF, 745 KB)
Other Ornithology Technical Report Part 1 (PDF, 5 MB)
Other Geophysical Survey Report (PDF, 33 MB)
Other Cumulative Noise Assessment (PDF, 1 MB)
7.2.11 Infrastructure and Other Users (PDF, 26 MB)
Other Electromagnetic Fields Study (PDF, 1 MB)
7.3.04 Intertidal Ornithology (PDF, 8 MB)
Other Project One Project Two Interface (PDF, 37 MB)
Other Ornithology Technical Report Part 2 (PDF, 36 MB)
Other Onshore Bird Survey (PDF, 22 MB)
Other Transport Assessment (PDF, 21 MB)
Other Classification of Surface Water Bodies (PDF, 1 MB)
7.3.05 Landscape and Visual Resources Part 3 (Photomontage Figures 5.36 to 5.48) (PDF, 30 MB)
7.1.5 Environmental Impact Assessment Methodology (PDF, 2 MB)
7.3.07 Land Use Agriculture and Recreation (PDF, 15 MB)
Other Radar Early Warning Systems Technical Report (PDF, 7 MB)
Other Borehole Logs (PDF, 9 MB)
Other Seascape Character Areas Key Characteristics (PDF, 869 KB)
Other Tidal Modelling Calibration and Validation Report (PDF, 21 MB)
Other Baseline Data from EA and Local Authorities (PDF, 5 MB)
Other LVIA Methodology (PDF, 1 MB)
7.2.10 Seascape and Visual Resources (PDF, 40 MB)
Other Dredging and Disposal Site Characterisation (PDF, 6 MB)
Other Designated Assets Baseline (PDF, 876 KB)
7.2.07 Shipping and Navigation (PDF, 37 MB)
Other Crossing Schedule Onshore (PDF, 13 MB)
7.3.11 Socio Economics (PDF, 3 MB)
Other Landfall Assessment (PDF, 8 MB)
Other Fish and Shellfish Technical Report (PDF, 15 MB)
Other Effects on Landscape Receptors During the Decommissioning Phase (PDF, 904 KB)
Other HVDC Converter HVAC Substation FRA (PDF, 10 MB)
Other Effects on Landscape Resources at Operational Phase (PDF, 1 MB)
Other Screening Assessment HVDC Converter HVAC Substation (PDF, 835 KB)
Other Benthic Ecology Technical Report Part 2 (PDF, 39 MB)
Other Environmental Information Part 3 of 4 (PDF, 35 MB)
7.3.12 Inter-Related Effects Onshore (PDF, 33 MB)
Other Water Framework Directive Assessment (PDF, 5 MB)
Other Desk Based Assessment (PDF, 13 MB)
Other Socio-economic Methodology Information (PDF, 1 MB)
Other Representative Visual Receptors for Onshore HVDC Converter HVAC Substation (PDF, 1 MB)
Other Personal Injury Accident Locations (PDF, 22 MB)
7.1.0.b Glossary (PDF, 427 KB)
7.2.06 Commercial Fisheries (PDF, 16 MB)
7.2.01 Marine Processes (PDF, 47 MB)
Other Great Crested Newt Survey (PDF, 10 MB)
7.2.03 Fish and Shellfish Ecology (PDF, 20 MB)
Other Construction Noise Model (PDF, 1 MB)
Other Fugro Landfall SI (PDF, 11 MB)
7.2.08 Aviation Military and Communications (PDF, 17 MB)
Other Crossing Schedule Offshore (PDF, 5 MB)
7.3.05 Landscape and Visual Resources Part 2 (Section 5.6 to 5.11) (PDF, 21 MB)
Other Metocean Data (PDF, 3 MB)
Other Nationally Designated Landscapes and Landscape Character Areas (PDF, 962 KB)
Other Cumulative Effects Screening Document (PDF, 1,003 KB)
Other Offshore HVAC Reactive Compensation Substation NRA (PDF, 16 MB)
Other Marine Mammal Technical Report (PDF, 32 MB)
Other Wirelines from Sample Viewpoints (PDF, 3 MB)
7.3.01 Geology and Ground Conditions (PDF, 11 MB)
7.1.3 Project Description (PDF, 15 MB)
Other Subsea Noise Technical Report (PDF, 22 MB)
Other Tetney to Saltfleet FRA (PDF, 11 MB)
Other Meteorological Data (PDF, 795 KB)
Other Airport and Technical Site Safeguarding Consultation Zones (PDF, 4 MB)
8.1 Scoping Opinion Nov 2012 (PDF, 9 MB)
Other Seascape and Visual Technical Report (PDF, 21 MB)
Other Traffic Flows with Construction Traffic (PDF, 1 MB)
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