Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm (Zone 4) – Project Two

Enquiry received via email

Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm (Zone 4) - Project Two

22 September 2014
Todd Westbrook


Why has a T&C Planning notice has been issued at this time and where that fits into the wider DCO and PINS process.
Also, is there any information referenced in the notice that hasn't been made public previously and what exactly what will happen with the public feedback submitted over the next six weeks?

Advice given

I would have to be confirm this with the applicant, however my initial view is that the ?Town and Country Planning? header associated with the advert has been added by the newspaper to enable them to attribute the article to a category. It relates to an application for a Development Consent Order under the 2008 Planning act process.
In relation to your second point, I do not believe that any of the information is ?new,? however I should point out that the application is currently at pre-application stage in the 2008 Planning Act process and therefore subject to change. Comments received on this consultation will be fed into further work that the applicant is undertaking in developing their project leading to submission to the Planning Inspectorate later this year.