Drax Re-power

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Drax Re-power

Received 19 August 2018
From Erik Williams


Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to express concern at the proposed replacement of coal with gas at the Drax Power Station. I believe that substituting one fossil fuel for another will not help us fulfil our commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement, especially as Drax is the UK’s single biggest emitter of carbon dioxide and the proposal is to burn gas until the 2030s. The government is obliged to take environmental consideration into account when considering developments such as the one proposed for Drax.
If the third runway at Heathrow is built, the UK will be in any case hard put to it to reduce its greenhouse emissions under the Paris agreement.
There is also the question of the source of the gas for Drax. Supplies from the North Sea are, or shortly will be, in decline. And Russia can hardly be regarded as a reliable long-tern source. Fracking is not a safe means of extracting gas as far as the environment and global-warming are concerned.
Renewable fuels are a much safer source of energy than gas and I hope you will promote these rather than allow Drax to go over to gas.

Yours faithfully

[Erik Williams]