Drax Re-power

The views expressed in this page do not represent those of the Planning Inspectorate. This page consists of content submitted to the Planning Inspectorate by the public and other interested parties, giving their views of this proposal.

Drax Re-power

Received 16 August 2018
From Natural England


PART I: Summary of Natural England’s advice.

Natural England does not consider that the proposal is likely to have a significant impact on any nationally or internationally designated nature conservation sites or nationally designated landscapes, and that sufficient mitigation measures have been put in place to avoid significant impacts on protected species.

PART II: Natural England’s detailed advice

1.1. Natural England’s advice in these relevant representations is based on information submitted by Drax Power Ltd in support of its application for a Development Consent Order (‘DCO’) in relation to Drax Repowering.

1.2. Natural England has been working closely with Drax Power Ltd to provide advice and guidance since October 2017.
1.3. These relevant representations contain a summary of what Natural England considers the main nature conservation, landscape and related issues to be in relation to the DCO application, and indicate the principal submissions that it wishes to make at this point. Natural England will develop these points further as appropriate during the examination process. It may have further or additional points to make, particularly if further information about the project becomes available.

1.4. Natural England has worked successfully with Drax Power Ltd and there are no substantive outstanding matters.

2. The natural features potentially affected by this application

2.1. The following European / nationally protected species may be affected by the proposed project:

2.1.1. Great crested newt
2.1.2. Badger
2.1.3. Water vole
2.1.4. Bats
2.1.5. Reptiles
2.1.6. Nesting birds
Part II:

3. Planning Inspectorate Reference: EN010091

3.1. Natural England has no objection to the project for the following reasons:

3.1.1. The applicant has submitted a thorough Environmental Statement which we are satisfied demonstrates beyond reasonable scientific doubt that there would be no significant effect on the integrity of any European sites.

3.1.2. All protected species issues (including any licensing requirements under the Habitats Regulations or the 1981 Act) can be addressed by the proposed draft DCO requirement 16.

3.1.3. Natural England welcomes the biodiversity enhancements as set out in the Landscape and Biodiversity Strategy which will have a positive effect on the natural environment by creating and enhancing habitats of biodiversity value on the site. This is in accordance with the principles set out in paragraph 118 of the National Planning Policy Framework. Natural England notes that this commitment is reflected in proposed Requirement 8 of the draft DCO. Natural England therefore advises that this requirement should be secured by a suitably worded requirement in the DCO, if the project is approved.

3.2. Natural England’s headline points are that on the basis of the information submitted:

3.2.1. Natural England is satisfied that the potential impacts of the project on nationally and internationally designated nature conservation sites, nationally designated landscapes and protected species have been adequately addressed.

3.2.2. Natural England advises that, if approved, the project must be subject to all necessary and appropriate requirements which ensure that unacceptable environmental impacts either do not occur or are sufficiently mitigated.

Natural England
16th August 2018