Drax Re-power

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Drax Re-power

Received 16 August 2018
From David Plunkett


Burning gas at Drax is ridiculous if we want to meet climate change targets.

However these are not just some philosophical “targets”.

This will be the world that our grandchildren and future generations will have live with, especially if bad decisions like this are made now. Climate damage now will be irreversible.

We do not need to switch any current UK power stations to another fuel type, especially Drax that would need imported gas or fracking as its source. Gas reserves are limited and will only last another twenty years or so. It is far better to shut this polluting plant down now. We also do not need expensive nuclear plants, which have so much capacity to go wrong, as we have seen at Chernobyl or Fukushima. This is classic short term thinking to just convert the polluting power plant into gas.

The Uk and the world need to develop green energy (solar, wind, tidal) and grid storage in battery capacity. This is an uneconomic plant, but the owners should not try to switch to gas. Instead it should put the research, finance and employment opportunities into battery power storage. The rest of the world really needs battery storage capacity.

The owners must realise that the UK could become a market leader in power storage, but not when companies just concentrate on their share price and look backward.

The government must reject this proposal.