Drax Re-power

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Drax Re-power

Received 25 July 2018
From Susan Chapman


Dear Sir,

I want to object to the Drax Repower proposal to repower the last coal-burning units with bigger ones for natural gas. Please stop burning my (and everyone else's) hard-earned lifetime's money. People are dying, our harvests and soils now threatened. Our seas a plastic, acidifying soup. Coral griefs on their way out.

So far the world has not acted with the urgency required at speed and scale to solve the climate crisis as the poor people now caught up in forest fires are discovering.

It is total insanity to carry on humanity's dangerous addiction to hydrocarbons when just 100 gigafactories can transition the whole world to clean energy. Batteries are a game-changer. Our house is 100% renewably sourced and has a battery (Tesla Powerwall) . When our own solar does not supply us in winter Ecotricity gives us the clean energy we need. And I'm a pensioner. Pathetic Bournemouth thinks it's a Green Economy Leader but is only 1.6% renewably sourced.

Since the mayor of Cape Town warned the people they were about to run out of water a few months ago there has been a dramatic behavioural shift, with every drop of water now being respected.

Professor of Global Change Science Simon Lewis of University College London and the University of Leeds warns that climate change should be a political priority. It is a greater threat to the Uk than EU directives, terrorism or a foreign power invading.

Separately, a letter sent to Theresa May signed by 135 members of the UK's climate change research community , urged her to speak to Donald Trump about climate change impacting our security risk our overseas interests.

It's odd that Donald, who wants a seawall to protect his Irish assets against climate change, does not seem to understand the deadly effects of Grenfelling our selves! The Irish themselves are, like the Church of England, divesting from fossil fuels.

No more filthy dangerous muck energy thanks. Renewables and batteries please- as now being installed all over the world.