Drax Re-power

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Drax Re-power

Received 24 July 2018
From Breathe Clean Air Group


I represent the Breathe Clean Air Group. Although I live many miles away from the Drax site, I am concerned about the nation's lack of urgency about Global Warming and Climate Change and the Nation's health which is having massive impacts from air pollution caused by the burning of carbon-based fuels. I believe that the way forward is to invest in solar, wind, hydro, tidal and wave energy, which are genuinely carbon free energy sources.

Therefore I wish to object to the Drax proposal to replace former coal burning power stations with larger natural gas power stations. I believe that the project is NOT a sustainable development as defined in the National Planning Policy framework, since it is NOT compatible with a transition to a low carbon future.

In order to meet the Paris Climate Agreement to keep global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees C it is vital that the UK phase out fossil fuel (carbon based) emissions. I am most concerned that with the Government encouraging the Fracking of methane, Drax will be forced to use this dirty methane which will produce even more air pollution. The Fracking process will also liberate methane to air, contaminate ground water and use masses of public water supply which will be permanently contaminated.

Research published in the Journal Environmental Science and Technology suggests that a gas plant can become a bigger source of greenhouse gas emissions than a coal-fired plant if just 3% of gas leaks into the atmosphere.

The Drax proposal will extend the burning of fossil fuel into the 2030s and beyond. The Government needs to be looking ahead and reducing the burning of carbon-based fossil fuels as quickly as possible. Professor Robert W Howarth of Cornell University states "the only path forward is to reduce the use of all fossil fuels as quickly as possible. There is no bridge fuel, and switching from coal to shale gas is accelerating rather than slowing Global Warming." [Redacted]

I urge you to take notice of these wise words. A global catastrophe is closer than we think. The cause of our demise will be the burning of carbon based fossil fuels. It will also lead to air pollution with massive ill-health impacts. I say NO to Drax methane power plants. You should REFUSE permission to the Drax methane power plants.

Yours sincerely