Drax Re-power

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Drax Re-power

Received 24 July 2018
From Mark Knowles


To whom it may concern,

I am writing with concern as I understood climate change to be a major global issue that international co-operation was required on to help manage and slow. Unto this end we rightly signed the Paris 2015 Climate Agreement. However, I have seen remarkably little action in the course of us progressing into a low carbon economy, and have if anything seen a reverse. Regardless, this action of development and expansion of Drax is potentially locking the UK into a high carbon economy with poorer quality air than we should have. Perhaps the likely flooding of London and large swathes East Anglia in a couple of decades due to rising sea levels will make this moment one of many follies, giving the go ahead to fossil fuel energy infrastructure expansion and continuation.

Drax’s Repower plan to burn large quantities of gas will hamper rather than help the U.K.’s transition to low carbon energy. Drax argues that gas can be a useful ‘transition fuel’ between coal and renewable energy as the UK government phases out the burning of ‘unabated coal’ by 2025. The alternative to Drax’s Repower proposal will be the closure of the two coal power units, resulting in genuine and significant carbon reductions. Replacing coal with another fossil fuel cannot help us to decarbonise, particularly since Drax has said that repurposing two coal units to burn gas will “extend their operation into the 2030s.” As the ecosystem scientist, Professor Robert W Howarth, from Cornell University, states: “the only path forward is to reduce the use of all fossil fuels as quickly as possible. There is no bridge fuel, and switching from coal to shale gas is accelerating rather than slowing global warming.” [Redacted]

I believe that, rather than being forced to pay for an unnecessary gas development which is bad for the climate, we should instead invest in genuinely renewable wind, wave and solar energy which can help us to meet our climate targets.

I urge you to take note of these concerns and refuse permission for Drax to start burning gas.

Yours sincerely,