Dogger Bank Teesside A / Sofia Offshore Wind Farm (formerly Dogger Bank Teesside B) – Project previously known as Dogger Bank Teesside A&B

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Dogger Bank Teesside A / Sofia Offshore Wind Farm (formerly Dogger Bank Teesside B) - Project previously known as Dogger Bank Teesside A&B

17 December 2014
C Jowsey


Further to the inspectorate meeting on 4/12/2014, which I was unable to attend due to ill health, but when Mr Keddie reported to me, I felt that it was a waste of time, as the meeting could not progress any further as time ran out.
This is a very costly process to a private individual such as getting myself legal advice which can cost up to £250 per letter and also getting independent advice from experts that cost from £250 to £500 per letter and I have paperwork pertaining to this case that is over 2 foot thick.
As a private, retired individual I cannot claim anything back from my tax and I am trying to look after my possible investment as a private pension.
It was also brought to my attention that other land was inspected on Thursday afternoon and Friday, yet no-one thought to come and inspect my land. I understand that this will be corrected at the next hearing on the 13th/14th January 2015.
Can you please tell me, as this is a new, previously unscheduled hearing, can we submit documentary evidence prior to the hearing appertaining to our case for consideration by the panel?
Thank you for your assistance so far.

Advice given

Thank you for your email.
Further to my telephone discussion yesterday afternoon with Mr Keddie in relation to the points you raise below, I can confirm the following;
Regarding the timing and usefulness of the hearing on 4 December 2014, please note that the timetable and arrangements for hearings were published in draft on 11 July 2014 and an opportunity was given to parties to comment on the proposed timetable. This was followed by the issue of the finalised timetable on 11 August 2014 with a deadline of 3 September 2014 which allowed parties to request a hearing or site visit on matters that concerned them. Both yourself and Mr Keddie were notified of these arrangements on each occasion.
Throughout the examination every effort has been made to adapt the timetable to take into account any late representations and requests to be heard, however this is often logistically challenging and in the case of the hearing in early December, the panel of Inspectors (Examining Authority) indicated that it would endeavour to hear all persons requesting to be heard within the notified hearing, but also made clear that it would prioritise the hearing of those who had requested to be heard in accordance with the timetable. As matters transpired, not all persons requesting to be heard on 4 December could be heard on that date.
In relation to the site visit, consideration was given to viewing your land after the hearings in early December, however the Examining Authority had made prior commitments to view land belonging to other parties who had made requests within the allocated deadlines. Similarly, it could not be accommodated that day due to lack of time and poor light conditions. Fairness required us to adhere to the existing plans rather than disrupt this to carry out an unscheduled inspection. As you say time has now been allocated next month to inspect your land and will take place on Wednesday 14 January, subject to completion of the hearing on Tuesday 13 January as should the Examining Authority be able to close the hearing at a reasonable time, the accompanied site inspection will take place on the Tuesday afternoon.
In respect of submitting any documentary evidence prior to the January hearings, you must ensure this is submitted to the Planning Inspector for the attention of the Examining Authority by 29 December 2014 as indicated in the revised timetable; attachment 1
If you require further clarification or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.
I will be on leave from Friday 19 Dec ? Tuesday 6 January so please ensure you copy any emails to the project mailbox ? [email protected] (which is also cc-d into this email).

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