Dogger Bank Creyke Beck

Enquiry received via email

Dogger Bank Creyke Beck

27 November 2013
Kelly Lightowler


The Civil Aviation Authority are not currently registered as an interested party for the Dogger Bank Creyke Beck proposed development. Is it possible register as an interested party at this stage? I am concerned that there are currently no registered parties to advise on aviation issues, for example NATS, MOD or the CAA.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Kind regards,

Advice given

Thank you for your email regarding the Dogger Bank Creyke Beck application.
As you may be aware the registration period for this project closed on 8th November 2013.
For your information, the Civil Aviation Authority has been identified as a 'statutory party' for this application and therefore will have an opportunity to request to become an interested party during the examination period. You will be notified by the Examining authority of the date Preliminary Meeting for this case (the date of which is yet to be decided) which will set out the draft examination timetable. You are not required to attend this meeting, but it would assist the Examining authority if you could inform us in writing/by email of your request to be considered an interested party after this meeting has taken place and the examination period has commenced.
Kind regards