Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

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Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

Received 13 August 2018
From Karin White


As full time residents owning a property in Tregele, the village situated closest to the Wylfa Newydd development area we have a particular interest in knowing the following:

- The extent of any potential vibration, noise, light, air and odour pollution that the Marine Off Load Facility (MOLF) / site construction and subsequent operation will create, and how effective the artificial drumlins and mitigation measures put in place will be in protecting the quality of life of Tregele residents.
- Horizon ES Volume J2 section 6.10.2 says that at least 67 residual receptors in Tregele and between Tregele and Cemaes will experience major or moderate effects from the development; and that for residential properties and other buildings in close proximity to the Wylfa Newydd development area vibration during construction could cause damage to structures. Property owners and householders should be informed of the identity of affected properties.

- The development proposes constructing a 4,000 bed temporary workers campus. Concerned about the impact on our community by potentially 4,000 people residing on site and as many as 9,000 working on site. How does Horizon intend to ensure that workers integrate with the local community, and that this very large number of individuals don't disrupt our small village, whether through crime, anti-social behaviour and/or the increased demand for local resources.
- Concerned about Wylfa newydd traffic using the A5025 East of Tregele and using the Rhosgoch/Llanfechell/Tregele minor road as a rat run from Llangefni/A55.
- Finally, have an interest in the plan to store high level radioactive material on site and how the construction and use of the MOLF will affect wildlife and the Cemlyn Bay Tern colony.