Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

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Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

Received 13 August 2018
From Anti Atom Komitee


- Nuclear energy is no form of producing sustainable energy
- Nuclear energy is no way to solve the problem of climate change (Don`t nuke the climate)
- Nuclear energy is no way to solve the upcoming worldwide lack of energy, due to the end of fossil energy - only 3-4% of the worldwide produced energy is nuclear electricity!!!
- There is worldwide no solution for the longterm storage of nuclear waste
- The plans, to finance the NPP of Hinkley Point C show, that nuclear energy is one of the most expensive ways of producing electricity.

Nuclear energy has had its chance, after 60 years of massive public financial support, nuclear energy is still not economic.

NPPs can be misused to produce fissile material for nuclear weapons an stand therefore against the necessary worldwide bann of nuclear weapons.