Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

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Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

Received 13 August 2018
From Davis Meade Property Consultants on behalf of Messrs G & I Hughes


We are appointed as Agents on behalf of our Client: Messrs G & I Hughes .

Our client is concerned as to the extent of the impact the proposed scheme will have on productive land ,owned by a third party, which they farm at Clefiiog Isa, Ynys Wen and Morfa Ynys Wen ,Valley ,Anglesey .

Whilst not exhaustive with regard to the proposals detailed on Drawing Nos WN0902-HZDCO-OHW-DRG-00004/1.0 & 0007 /1.0 & others (forming part of the DCO application) our client is submitting representations in order to seeking clarification please, as to -:

1. the extent of the area within the order limits which is intended to be acquired permanently /temporarily.
2. the flood mitigation works intended to be undertaken (within the order limits) and what measures will be actioned to -:

a) mitigate injurious affection to neighbouring land used as part of our client’s agricultural enterprise.

b) arrange accommodation works including, for instance, ensuring livestock proof boundaries are duly installed to an appropriate specification (together with clarification on maintenance obligations thereafter) and the provision of livestock water facilities, as appropriate; as well as drainage remediation ( including also in view of the proposals for surface water run off)