Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

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Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

Received 12 August 2018
From Talwrn Village Hall


*How and why has this work begun in advance of a planning decision to proceed with Wylfa Newydd at all? Neither the preliminary work nor the proposed subsequent main work is not even listed in the 'Wylfa Newydd Project 6.1.2 ES Volume A - Introduction to the project and approach to the EIA A2 - Project overview and introduction to the developments' document published in June 2018.
* Some villagers are concerned at the apparent lack of notice that the preliminary works were to occur with access via a small narrow lane. Only one small sign at an out-of-village intersection. Why were public consultation events not held in our village to show what works were to be undertaken?
* Preliminary work has begun, seemingly without notice to villagers, including neighbours, immediate or otherwise, with no signage on site indicating timescale, purposes, etc. I was told on the telephone by a Horizon representative that these were to last 10-12 weeks.
* Public footpaths run through the fields outlined in the proposal. Wylfa Newydd Project Consultation on Additional Land Main Consultation Document’ PEI states on p30: ‘During construction the footpaths would likely either be temporarily stopped up or diverted to allow the topsoil layer to be removed’. Who will make the decision about closure / diversion, and for how long?
*There are huge concerns amongst residents (aka ‘Human Receptors’) that 20,000 cubic metres of earth will be 'taken off site' through the village, either now, or in 3 years after completion of the work. To quote from the same document mentioned above:
‘To inform this consultation exercise, two options for spoil management have been presented:
Wylfa Newydd Project Main Consultation Document Consultation on Additional Land
Option 1 – All topsoil is stockpiled on site for up to three years before being transported off-site for use elsewhere; and
Option 2 – All topsoil is transported off site for use elsewhere after it is stripped from the site.’
So, all removed topsoil will be transported off-site. It’s just a question of when…calculating a full load of 15 cubic metres per tipper lorry load, that will mean 1300+ full lorry loads of earth being transported through the village, with 1300+ empty lorries travelling to the site before loading. A total of 2600 lorry journeys!
*The traffic impact assessment on the village appears to be a model of optimism about managing the traffic.
‘Traffic volume increases associated with construction plant and worker movements are unlikely to be high enough to result in significant adverse effects. Managing the number and timing of lorry movements taking spoil from the site would ensure significant adverse effects are avoided’.
*The main focus on moving 20,000sqm of soil seems to be financial:
‘Option 1: Topsoil would be stripped and stored on the site, potentially being lost as a resource’, and ‘Option 1: There is likely to be a potential significant adverse effect associated with loss of the topsoil resource’(p42)

* Where is the evidence that the likely environmental benefits of the fen improvement scheme will outweigh the carbon costs associated with 2600 diesel lorry movements, plus all the personnel traffic, earth-moving and other equipment etc needed to remove / extract the soil?
* Is there an impact assessment on the possible likely negative effects or consequences upon adjoining land, and neighbours, once the work is completed, such as drainage, flooding, etc.?