Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

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Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

Received 11 August 2018
From Jennifer Wilson


I wish to object to the proposed Wylfa nuclear project because:-

The site is adjacent to a SSSI and SPA which is renowned for its breeding Tern colony this will undoubtedly suffer from the construction and then subsequent operation of the Nuclear Power Plant.

It is well known that Horizon's safety record is very poor. The UK government should not allow a company with a negligent safety record to operate a nuclear power station in the UK.

The carbon footprint of a nuclear power station during construction plus the mining, milling and processing of uranium is extremely high, taking years of operation for its C02 levels to average out. I believe this could mean the UK will not make its carbon targets over the next ten to fifteen years.

There is still no safe proven way to store radioactive waste anywhere in the world. It is immoral of UK government to embark on a plan to create more radioactive waste for future generations to deal with.

The government should not proceed with these proposals as there are recent studies which show the links between low level radiation and health risk especially to unborn and young children.

It is well known that private investors are not interested in Nuclear Power because the financial risks are enormous. As a taxpayer I object to the government using taxpayers funds to prop up ailing foreign companies nuclear ambitions. This also puts the taxpayer funds at risk if a nuclear accident was to occur. If Horizon became insolvent the consequences for the taxpayer could be huge.

As an electricity bill payer I have chosen a provider that does not sell electricity produced by nuclear power. I want to support the methods of electricity production that have the least damaging environmental impact nuclear is not one of them. If my taxpayers funds are used to support this project you have taken this choice away from me.

It well known that electricity produced by nuclear power is far more expensive than that produced by renewables. The government deal for HPC has been widely criticised. Using taxpayers money to reduce the cost to bill payers does not actually result in the UK population receiving the cheapest electricity.

It has been shown more employment opportunities would arise from an equivalent investment in renewable technologies. Choosing to do this would also mean there would be less health, environmental and financial risks and we would not be adding to our lethal stockpile of radioactive waste.