Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

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Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

Received 09 August 2018
From Oldbury-on-Severn Parish Council


The New Nuclear Build Committee of Oldbury-on-Severn Parish Council meets regularly to review developments concerning the plans by Horizon Nuclear Power to build a new power station adjacent to the old one within our parish. The design and development of this plant shows many similarities with the Wylfa Newydd project. Therefore we wish to understand the detailed development of the Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station. We are especially concerned with precedents that may be set that could then apply to the second similar project planned by Horizon Nuclear Power.

In particular we are interested in (a) the land footprint of the completed plant and also the land areas required for laydown, etc. during construction, (b) materials and personnel transport during construction and operation including any new road(s), (c) accommodation requirements and the location(s) of construction staff, (d) environmental impacts such as noise, dust, discharges to air and water, visual impact both short and long-term effects on watercourses (including flood risk), flora and fauna and public pathways.

We believe that we can contribute positively to the examination of the Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Plant examination by becoming an Interested Party, make relevant representations on the topics noted above and subsequently prepare our community for the expected development in our parish.