Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

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Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

Received 31 July 2018
From Christopher Wilson


My concerns about the Wylfa project are:-
Environmental- the site is adjacent to a SSSI and SPA which are likely to suffer from the construction and then subsequent operation of the Nuclear Power Plant(NPP). Particular concerns relate to the tern colony and changes to the sea flows due to construction of jetties etc. No mitigation could be expected to rectify the damage caused.

Radioactive waste- no new NPP should be constructed until there is a proven and available safe method for storage of the waste.

- full provision for the costs of decommissioning and subsequent storage need to be borne by the NPP operator

Financing - as a tax payer I do not want to fund any NPP and do not want tax payers to be put at risk by accepting any financial risk due to a nuclear accident. The principle of "polluter pays" must apply.

- as an electricity bill payer I want the cleanest and cheapest supply and nuclear is neither

Safety - Hitachi have a very poor safety record so should not be allowed to operate a NPP in the UK

Health- there are recent studies showing the link between low level radiation and health risks(particularly to unborn and very young children)

Jobs - more employment opportunities would arise from an equivalent investment in renewable technologies( without the health and financial risks) which do not leave toxic radioactive waste for future generations to deal with

Carbon footprint - a NPP has an extremely high carbon footprint prior to operation due to the manufacture and supply of building materials and the construction and from the mining, milling and processing of uranium. Therefore this could prevent the UK meeting its carbon targets over the next 10/15 years.