Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

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Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

Received 26 July 2018
From Davis Meade Property Consultants Ltd on behalf of Messrs MW ,EW & M Harper


We are appointed as Agents on behalf of our Clients-: Messrs MW ,EW & M Harper, Llanllibio Fawr, LLanfachraeth, Holyhead. Anglesey whom in the absence of receiving appropriate clarification & satisfactory consensus is submitting an objection to the Development Control Order (DCO).

Whilst not exhaustive with regard to the proposals detailed on Drawing Nos WN0902-HZDCO-OHW-DRG-00014/1.0 & 00018/1.0 & 00022/1.0 (forming part of the DCO application) our client is seeking comprehensive detail, please, as to -:
1. the extent of the area applicable to their property within the order limits which is intended to be acquired permanently /temporarily.
2. the works intended to be undertaken on our client’s land (within the order limits ) and what measures will be undertaken to -:
a) mitigate flooding of their adjoining land and neighboring property. Moreover, what measures are to designed to mitigate injurious affection of our clients further land abutting onto both the Rivers Alaw & Llywenna Bach and the benchmarks to be used to demonstrate the status quo directly prior to such proposals being implemented.

b) ensure livestock proof boundaries are duly installed and erected on appropriate perimeters (which will not act as a barrier and impede the flow of flood water receding from our client’s adjoining land).In addition the type & location of livestock proof fencing proposed to be installed along the relevant sections of the subject water courses (to replace existing) together with the provision of appropriate Livestock water drinking bays.

c) maintain and provide an appropriate piped water supply from a mains source to our client’s farm [including the position of such pipeline together with associated apparatus including the water meter and stop tap; as well as a facility on the roadside (by means of a “ lay-by” to park a vehicle ,so as to be able to safely attend to the same].

3. Confirmation of whom will be responsible, and also what commitment will be provided , regarding annual future dredging of the subject watercourses .