Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

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Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

Received 26 July 2018
From Jesse Hughes Youth Club


We are a group of young people who go to Jesse hughes youth club in Holyhead

Will local people get jobs?
More people moving to the area - Building more homes
More people coming to visit the island and see the projects - an increase in tourists
More kids in schools
More traffic on the roads
Slower journeys due to an increase in traffic on the roads
Noise / pollution / dust / lighting

Questions to Horizon
Will we be able to see the archaeological finds?
How much pollution will be in the air?
Is it a risky process?
How much does it cost in total?
How will delays in the timeline be managed?
How will the sea / water quality be affected?
Will there be a visitor centre? Will the visitor centre be interactive?
What will happen to the current Wylfa?
What kind of job opportunities will be available?
How will electricity supply be managed during construction?
Will you be providing Welsh lessons / encouraging people who move here to learn Welsh?
How will you make sure that young people are trained to be able to worl there?
What types of jobs will be available?