Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

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Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

Received 17 July 2018
From Cemaes Bay History Group


The Cemaes History Groups was established in 2015 to bring together local history and educate the community about local history which is very significant in the area.
We are very interested in the findings at the Wylfa site and wish to maintain a close relationship with Horizon and the archaeologists.

Local residents and members of the Cemaes History Group have noticed many of the archaeological areas are being backfilled on the last few months. In other areas, many of the archaeological excavations appear to have stopped work completely but no machines have been on site. Given the current period of good weather, this seems like and appropriate time to hold a community open day to allow local residents to see the archaeological discoveries in the flesh before they are fully excavated and/or before they are backfilled.
Arranging school visits before construction starts is an opportunity that should not be lost. the community, in particular the members of the Cemaes History Group are very interested in the archaeological work and are keen to have as many opportunities as possible to engage with their heritage and educate children in the area.
In the long term we hope to see the interpretation, reconstructions and artefacts on display locally that will act as an educational tool for the future and will present an opportunity to enhance the tourism offer int he local area.
The history group very much appreciate the regular talks from the archaeologists of the Gwynedd Archaeological Planning Service and look forward to further updates in the future.
The Cemaes History Group would like the opportunity to work in partnership with Horizon and develop a living legacy for future generations.