Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

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Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station

Received 06 July 2018
From Ann Tooze


I am a carer for elderly parents.
(Sentence redacted), at present they still live in their own home which is on the side of the A5025 in Amlwch.
I worry on the impact of their health with wagons & heavy plant going past their window for many hours a day, and I would like to know how much the A5025 through Amlwch will be used for the build

I am a house owner in Amlwch, and also a landlady of a rental property in Amlwch.
I have tenants in the property at present, and I would like them to stay there.
If they wish to give notice & vacatem I would like to know the opportunties of renting my house out to contractors who come to Wylfa Newydd, and if there is a register I can put my details on

I am the secreatry of a Cimmunity Interest Group in Amlwch, we ahve raised £35K in our first year for the town of Amlwch
I would like to know what Horizon have in place to help organisations such as ours- if there will be funding opportunities.
If Horizon would fund a community hub for us all to work from
My interest is that the people in Amlwch - the nearest town to the build as kept informed of everything that is happening

I am a semi retired grandmother of young children living in Amlwch.
I would like to know what opportunities there would be for my grandchildren in another 10 years at Wylfa Newydd
I have a health condition- and I would like to know how the build will affect this- or any health issues that may arise from the build at Wylfa
I work 1 day a week locally and I would like to see the business increase, and I'd like to know what is in place for new workers to the area to use local businesses
I worru for my grandchildren about the extra ttaffic on the road and would like information on trasport of materials to the site