North Wales Wind Farms Connection

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The list below consists of additional evidence or documents received during the examination outside the deadlines set by the Examining Authority. However, the Examining Authority has exercised its discretion and accepted these into the examination as additional submissions.

Size: 180 KB
Pinsent Masons on behalf of SP Manweb
Applicant's Regulation 8 Newspaper Notice
Size: 157 KB
SP Manweb
Letter of 28 October 2015 in relation to the examination of Option B.
Size: 595 KB
Pinsent Masons on behalf of SP Manweb
Letter of 9 October 2015 in relation to the acceptance of the proposed provision for the compulsory acquisition of additional land to facilitate Option B.
Size: 468 KB
Pinsent Masons on behalf of SP Manweb
Submission for Preliminary Meeting on 28 July 2015 regarding proposed changes to the application
Size: 489 KB
SP Manweb
Letter of 26 August 2015 notifying that the connection agreement for the Nant Bach wind farm is likely to be terminated, and that submission of the proposed scheme 'Option B' will be delayed.
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