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06 April 2016
Jacqui Fenn National Grid


National Grid sent their early draft Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC) to the Planning Inspectorate for comment.

Advice given

The Planning Inspectorate provided the following advice:
In accordance with S47(6)(za) of the Planning Act 2008 (PA2008), it would be beneficial to explicitly state where the SoCC will be made available for viewing.
The SoCC doesn?t clearly explain the project until Page 4 of the document. The explanation provided on Page 4 is not entirely clear either as it does not elaborate on the type of proposal e.g. that it is a 400kV line, nor does it mention the potential height or length of the proposed scheme. The scale of the substation works and sealing end compounds have not been stated either. It would be beneficial to include this information, so as not to leave any ambiguity to those persons reading the document.
Para 2.5 refers to ourselves as the ?National Infrastructure Directorate?, we are now the ?Major Applications and Plans Directorate? therefore we suggest amending the wording to simply state ?the Planning Inspectorate?.
On Page 5 you refer to ?some part of our work associated with Wylfa?are known as associated development.? Is the associated development only regarding the Wylfa works, or do the associated development works also extend to connect the other generating stations?
On Page 6, in the second sentence you could insert ?draft? or alternative wording into the following sentence to make it clear that consultees still have the ability to influence the scheme: ?when a final proposal is ready for comment??
Within the ?Assessing environmental effects? box on Page 7 it would be beneficial to provide information on where the PEIR it can be found.
On Page 9, titled ?Who we?ll consult? ? it would be beneficial to state which bodies/persons will receive letters/letter-drops and which persons will be consulted via newspaper adverts or posters etc? We note that it says under ?landowners and residents in close proximity? that it ?could include, for example direct contact?, however this is not clear. Are you also able to provide further information under hard to reach groups?
Page 10 refers to information on ?When and how we?ll consult,? despite the suggestion of tailoring the information depending on where you live, all information should also be made available to those who wish to see it and this should be made clear. For instance a landowner in the south may still wish to make comments on a proposal in the north. A landowner may also want access to more detailed information than the Overview Report. How can people request the technical information? On this page you also state that you intend on consulting for eight weeks in autumn 2016. This may exclude visitors to the area during holiday periods who could be interested in getting involved in the consultation process, how will such visitors be provided with an opportunity to comment?
We appreciate that this is an early version of the draft SoCC, however, from Page 11 onwards will there be information on the start and end dates for consultation, dates of meetings and exhibitions and any other information such as the location of the information points and reference locations, as other projects have done so in their SoCCs? Are you consulting with the local authorities about the dates and venues?
There are low broadband speeds within this area and as a result it may be more difficult to access the documentation for the proposal online. It is good that you have included the proposal of providing a USB stick with the documents on to mitigate this issue.