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15 August 2017
Jonathan Dean


When National Grid submit their DCO and the LA provide their adequacy of consultation report, please could you outline the metrics you will look at and what form of communication is accepted
Specifically, are the following viewed as acceptable forms of communication about the project:
Phone calls
Public conversations
Facebook posts
Other social media
Filled in template forms on paper
Ditto online
It would help me prepare for the DCO response.

Advice given

In section 37(7) of the Planning Act 2008 it states that ‘“the consultation report” means a report giving details of-
(a) what has been done in compliance with sections 42, 47 and 48 in relation to a proposed application that has become the application,
(b) any relevant responses, and
(c) the account taken of any relevant responses.’
Once the application is submitted, and as part of our Acceptance check we will look at how the Applicant said they were going to consult the local community (which is set out in their Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC)), and what the Applicant describes what they did do.
We will be looking for evidence in the Applicant’s Consultation Report to demonstrate what they did. It is up to the Applicant to decide how to present any feedback they may have received via the methods you have listed below.
At Acceptance stage we must also have regard to any representations received from any local authority consultees about how the Applicant carried out consultation in the pre-application stage. We look at these responses to confirm whether the consultation has been carried out in accordance with the SoCC.
For further information you may wish to look at the Department for Communities and Local Government’s guidance on the pre-application process:
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