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01 March 2016
National Grid - Jacqui Fenn


We are considering the Scoping report which at the moment reflects the DCO (Wylfa to Pentir) and also refers to other work which is required for the project (Pentir Traws). Can you just confirm how you will deal with this in terms of consulting on the scoping ? will you consult just with community councils ? Wylfa to Pentir or will you consult with all community Councils ? Wylfa to Traws.

Advice given

In Wales we would interpret relevant community councils as those being the host community council and the adjacent councils; in PINS we use GIS to undertake this task therefore it is of high spatial accuracy. If you state the Pentir Traws works are not part of the NSIP within the scoping report, but that you are providing the information for context and in order for readers to understand the potential for cumulative effects, then the community councils within which the Pentir Traws works are located would not be identified as ?host? community councils (and adjacent community councils would not be identified). If you are stating the Pentir Traws work is part of the NSIP then this would result in the identification of additional community councils host and adjacent community councils. Therefore the answer to your query is dependent upon how you describe the project within the scoping report.
As you are aware, we require a GIS shapefile of the project at least 10 working days in advance of scoping in order for us to identify prescribed consultees. The description of the project and any applicable plans within the scoping report must therefore match exactly the shapefile which you provide us.