Mid Wales Electricity Connection (N Grid)

Enquiry received via email

Mid Wales Electricity Connection (N Grid)

20 April 2011
Jon Newson


I understand from others that when questioned about why National Grid had not lodged a Statement of Community Consultation you have advised that the National Grid consultation is informal at the moment and that is the reason why they have not submitted a Statement of Community Consultation (SOCC).
However all the evidence would point to the fact this is a formal consultation:
1. One Shropshire and Powys indicate have a draft copy, lodged ahead of the current consultation (however its termed) ? this one would assume that this shows intent to issue a SOCC
more importantly
2. National Grid say in their public consultation communication disguised as, and entitled, ?Project News Spring 2011? that
a. on page three of the ?This map does not show National Grid?s consultation zones. These can be found in our Statement of Community Consultation. Please see back page for details.?
b. and on the back page the SOCC is available as a ?Key Document? ?at a number of public locations in Powys and Shropshire?, it then list libraries and other locations.
Incidentally National Grid have also advised they will issue the SOCC soon but they don?t have a date and yet we are more than half way through the consultation period. Needless to say the SOCC is not in any of the locations listed.

Advice given

Whilst we are happy to be copied in to any comments you make to the developer at the pre-application stage, the onus is on the developer to undertake pre-application consultation and to take account of any responses received. In order for your comments to be taken into account at this stage, comments and responses should be directed to National Grid as the developer of the project.
We note the points raised in your email. With the above in mind, may I suggest that the queries set out in your email are raised directly with the promoter of the Mid Wales Connection scheme. The National Grid project team can be contacted on 0800 019 5325 or by email at national [email protected] There is also a project website;
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We would also encourage you to make your Local Authority aware of any comments you may have on the adequacy of the pre-application consultation process.
Once the pre-application consultation duties are complete, the developer may submit an application to the Commission. The Commission has 28 days to decide whether to accept the application to proceed to the examination stage. This decision is based on whether, amongst other matters, the pre-application consultation has been adequate. When making this decision a decision on whether the pre-application consultation has been adequate, the Commission will have regard to:
National Grid?s consultation report;
Any comments on the adequacy of consultation submitted by a relevant Local Authorities (in this case, Powys and Shropshire Councils); and
The extent to which National Grid has followed the guidance published by the Commission and the Secretary of State.
If the application is accepted for examination, then there will be further opportunities for you and others to engage directly with the Commission.

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