Mid Wales Electricity Connection (N Grid)

Enquiry received via phone

Mid Wales Electricity Connection (N Grid)

13 April 2011
National Grid - Jacqui Fenn


Query about the proposed approach to setting out the promoter's community consultation strategy.

Advice given

Prior to commencement of formal consultation under s.47 of the 2008 Planning Act, the applicant must prepare and publicise a statement setting out how the applicant proposes to consult people living in the vicinity of the land about the proposed application. This is known as the Statement of Community Consultation. It is for the applicant to decide when to commence formal consultation under s.47 of the 2008 Act. Any public engagement undertaken prior to this may be treated as informal consultation.
The public should understand how any consultation exercises fit within the applicant's overall strategy for community consultation. Where a SoCC is not yet published, but engagement is underway, applicants should explain the status of the consultation and how it sits alongside future rounds of engagement. To this end, where an applicant has agreed a consultation strategy with the relevant local authorities, it may wish to make this available to the public. This may include details of when the applicant intends to commence the formal SoCC process.
All consultation activities should be recorded with a view to informing the applicant's Consultation Report, which is a key part of the eventual application to the IPC for a Development Consent Order under s37 of the 2008 Act.