Mid Wales Electricity Connection (N Grid)

Enquiry received via phone

Mid Wales Electricity Connection (N Grid)

18 October 2011
Montford Parish Council - Malcolm McSporran


Please can you supply details of the registration procedure for a project like the Mid-Wales Connection?
I would also like further information on the following areas: Can local amenity groups register their interest in the scheme? What is Section 42 consultation? What are s106 agreements?

Advice given

The Mid-Wales Electricity Connection scheme is currently at pre-application stage. At the pre-application stage developers have a statutory duty to consult the public and prescribed consultees about their proposals under the Planning Act 2008 (PA 2008).
Part of this process is section 42 of the PA 2008, which is a duty to consult statutory consultees, local authorities and those with a legal interest in the land on the scheme before its submission to the IPC. Statutory consultees, which can include some parish councils, are prescribed under Schedule 1 of The Infrastructure Planning (Applications: Prescribed Forms and Procedure) Regulations 2009.
Other relevant sections of the PA 2008 to the pre-application consultation are section 47 (duty to consult local community) and section 48 (duty to publicise).
After the pre-application stage, if the IPC 1Details about how and when to register will be publicised by the developer in local newspapers and via site notices. The IPC will also offer details about how to register and other project information on our website.
Making a relevant representation will also allow a person or organisation to participate in the examination and receive copies of our correspondence as an interested party. Statutory consultees are automatically defined as interested parties under section 102 of the 2008 PA.
Finally, s106 agreements are legal planning agreements made between parties that can, for example, be made in connection with a Development Consent Order (DCO) allowing a particular scheme.
Further information on the application process for nationally significant infrastructure projects can be found in our advice notes, which are available from our website.