Mid Wales Electricity Connection (N Grid)

Enquiry received via post

Mid Wales Electricity Connection (N Grid)

23 October 2012
STEP - G Wilkinson


Proposed Electricity connection concerns for Mid Wales (NG)
Letter received regarding alternative suggestions for sustainable development for electricity connection.

Advice given

Thank you for your letter received on the 4 October 2012 regarding the above proposal. I apologise for the delay in our response.
We appreciate being kept informed about nationally significant infrastructure projects as it is useful for us to monitor emerging issues at the pre-application stage. You may be aware however that the Planning Inspectorate can only accept this letter for information purposes at this stage.
National Grid?s proposed 400kV line project is currently at the pre-application stage of the Planning Act 2008 process, therefore the application has not yet been formally submitted to the Planning Inspectorate. I have attached Advice Note 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3 for more information about the stages of the process.
During the pre-application stage, the applicant is your first point of contact until the application is formally submitted. I would therefore encourage you to ensure that National Grid is aware of the contents of your letter. Furthermore, responding to the applicant?s pre-application consultation is the best approach to influence a proposal, whether you agree or disagree with the proposal or believe it could be improved.
If you wish to make comments to National Grid at this current stage in the process you can telephone the free phone number 0800 0195325 to request a comment form, returning it to the Freepost address: FREEPOST NATIONAL GRID MID W CONNECTION. You can also contact the applicant by email on: [email protected] .
Once the application has been formally submitted to the Planning Inspectorate and if it is accepted for examination, you will have the opportunity to register as an interested party and as a result, take part in the examination.
To find out more about the nationally significant infrastructure projects proposed in Wales under the Planning Act 2008 regime, you can visit our website which can be accessed on this web address: www.planningportal.gov.uk/infrastructure.
I have noted that your letter also refers to the other possibilities for the generation of electricity in Wales. You may wish to contact your local authority who may be able to assist you with more advice on comparative assessment of the options and you may also find it useful to view the Department for Energy and Climate (DECC) website for National Policy Statements EN-1 (Overarching Energy), EN-3 (Renewable Energy) and EN-5 (Electricity Networks) which set out the governments objectives for the development of nationally significant energy infrastructure.