Mid Wales Electricity Connection (N Grid)

Enquiry received via email

Mid Wales Electricity Connection (N Grid)

05 May 2011
Sally Matthes


I am writing to you to complain about National Grid & Scottish Power networks consultation with some of the people of Mid-Wales.
Firstly, the glossy brochure which dropped through our doors looked more like a holiday guide rather that a document that could devastate our countryside. Next not everyone that will be affected has been consulted just one example is the village of Llantsanffridd Ym Mochnant was not include because in was a few 100 metres outside a pylon corridor. People that will be affected by the huge increase in traffic which will occur over the six years when the wind turbines are erected have been ignored. The area depends on tourism which will be destroyed & have the all the businesses that depend on tourists been consulted?
The maps that NG have used are old & many new housing estates have been left out.
The feedback forms have no option for rejecting both sub station sites or all pylon routes which surely is a valid comment. This whole sorry attempt should be thrown out & re-thought to include the wind turbine companies as well so we can have their reasons for destroying our beautiful county.

Advice given

. This project is currently at the 'pre-application' stage of our process, as set out in the Planning Act 2008. During the pre-application stage, there is a duty on the developer to undertake consultation with people living in the vicinity of the proposed project, and to have regard to responses to that consultation. In order for comments to be taken into account at this stage, comments and responses should be directed to National Grid as the developer of the project.
The IPC's role at the pre-application stage is to provide advice about the process of making an application, or the process of making a representation about an application. Whilst we are happy to be copied in on any comments you make to the developer, we are unable to provide legal opinions or comment on the merits of the scheme or national policy. This ensures the impartiality of the IPC and protects the interests of all parties involved in the application process. All advice that we give is recorded via an advice log, in line with s.51 of the Planning Act 2008. This log is published on our website. attachment 1
With the above in mind, may I therefore suggest that the queries set out in your letter are raised directly with the promoter of the Mid Wales Connection scheme. The National Grid project team can be contacted on 0800 019 5325 or by email at national [email protected] There is also a project website;
attachment 2 .
Your local council also plays a role in the process at the pre-application stage and we would encourage you to copy to the council any comments you send to the developer at the pre-application stage. Further information on this and how you can be involved in the developers? consultation is detailed in advice note 8.2, this can be found at: attachment 3.
Once the pre-application consultation duties are complete, the developer may submit an application to the Commission. The Commission has 28 days to decide whether to accept the application to proceed to the examination stage. This decision is based on whether, amongst other matters, the pre-application consultation has been adequate. When making a decision on whether the pre-application consultation has been adequate, the Commission will have regard to:
National Grid?s consultation report;
Any comments on the adequacy of consultation submitted by relevant Local Authorities; and
The extent to which National Grid have followed the guidance published by the Commission and the Secretary of State.
If an application is accepted for examination by the Infrastructure Planning Commission, you are able to become directly involved in the examination of an application. A suite of advice notes has been published providing information on how and when members of the public can become involved in the planning process and have their say. In particular, advice note 8.3 provides information on how to register and make a written representation. This can be found at: attachment 3.

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attachment 3
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