Mid Wales Electricity Connection (N Grid)

Enquiry received via phone

Mid Wales Electricity Connection (N Grid)

12 April 2011


How can I get involved with the promoters' (NG and SPEN) consultation on route corridors? What is the procedure for further involvement with the IPC? Who is the Examining Authority for such a project?

Advice given

Advised Ms Taylor that in order to be engaged with the promoters' consultation on Route Corridors and other matters, liaison should be sought with both promoters: National Grid and SPEN. In doing so, your views can be taken into consideration at public consultation events which are currently being held up until the end of April 2011 within the local area - further information on the location of such events can be sought from the promoter.
In order to become further involved and kept up-to-date of any procedural decisions on the project, the IPC website should be viewed regularly. Relevant information on the progress of the application can be sought here as well as important dates to register as an Interested Party. Alternatively, contacting the promoter directly will also be of benefit at this early stage and during latter stages.
If an application is accepted by the IPC, an opportunity will be given to all persons to register as an interested party during the Pre-examination stage. In registering as an interested party, you will both be able to submit initial, outline, representations of your support or objection to the proposed scheme and furthermore, you will have the opportunity to submit more detailed, written representations during the examination stage. All interested parties will be kept up-to-date of any procedural decisions as well as having the opportunity to attend the preliminary meeting and any hearings, if they are held.
At present, the IPC are the examining body for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects ("NSIPs") and will make decisions on NSIPs where a National Policy Statement ("NPS") has been designated by Government. If an NPS has not been designated, a recommendation is made to the relevant Secretary of State for decision making.
For further information, Advice Notes 8.1 - 8.5 have been sent via post to Ms Taylor.