Mid Wales Electricity Connection (N Grid)

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Mid Wales Electricity Connection (N Grid)

13 April 2011
Gary Swaine


The national grid are currently undertaking consultation for a new power connection in mid-Wales & Shropshire. I have been looking for the national grids Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC) and have been unable to find it.
It is not on their website www.midwalesconnection.com, and I was unable to find it at Welshpool library yesterday, I also visited the national grids west felton exhibition and when I asked for S0CC they did not have it available there either.
I was told you told them (IPC) that they did not have to have one.
Is this correct??
I thought it was a legal requirement under the 2008 planning act?
Please could you advise.

Advice given

It is our understanding that the National Grid Mid Wales connection project is currently conducting informal community consultation in Shropshire and Mid Wales. As such, at this stage, there is no requirement in the 2008 Planning Act ('the 2008 Act') for the Statement of Community Consultation (SOCC) to be made available. It is at the commencement of formal consultation under s.47 of the 2008 Act that requires that ?The applicant must prepare a statement setting out how the applicant proposes to consult, about the proposed application, people living in the vicinity of the land?. It is at this stage that the SOCC is published and made available to the public. It is for the applicant to decide when to commence formal consultation under s.47 of the 2008 Act.
At the point of submission of an application to the IPC, the applicant is required to submit a Consultation Report detailing the consultation it has undertaken and how it has had regard to the responses received. This can include consultation undertaken both formally under s.47, and informally. Further information on pre-application processes and the SOCC under the 2008 Act can be found in IPC advice note one, attachment 1.

attachment 1
attachment 1