Internal Power Generation Enhancement for Port Talbot Steelworks

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Transboundary Documents

Size: 262 KB
Ben Lewis (GVA) on behalf of Tata Steel UK Limited
Statement of Common Ground between Natural Resources Wales and Tata Steel UK Ltd.
Size: 119 KB
Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
Additional submission from Network Rail providing an update on the current negotiations with the Applicant
Size: 20 KB
Welsh Government
Additional submission from Welsh Government confirming no outstanding issues regarding the application or examination process.
Size: 1 MB
Ben Lewis (GVA) on behalf of Tata Steel UK Limited
Explanatory notes on the draft Development Consent Order (Revision 2) including Comparison of Revision 1 and Revision 2.
Size: 705 KB
Ben Lewis (GVA) on behalf of Tata Steel UK Limited
Draft Development Consent Order (Revision 2).
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