Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage

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Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage

Received 15 January 2016
From Ray Wood


I am concerned about the issue of noise once the scheme is running, particularly as I understand it, low frequency noise (difficult to assess). The problem can be proved to exist as it is an issue with Dinorwig Power Station. Residents - myself included as I've previously lived there - can attest to this. It's known locally as the 'Dinorwig hum'. Operators should not be allowed the powers of avoiding nuisance claims if they themselves cannot show they have made assessments and advised of the effects beforehand.

I have further concerns with its landscape impact adjoining Snowdonia National Park and being so clearly visible from the nearby hills such as the adjacent Moel Eilio. The Park has just been awarded dark sky status which would be affected by any security lighting etc.

As a precautionary principle nothing should be given planning that could potentially affect the good water quality of Llyn Padarn - recently given bathing water status - the only inland water to do so in Wales. Discharging from SPH into the lake has many unknowns.

No in-depth environmental study of flora and fauna was conducted, the report submitted to Gwynedd Council was incomplete, inaccurate, and missed protected species.