Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage

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Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage

Received 08 January 2016
From Emily Wood


I am concerned with regard to the electrical connection to the national grid.

Chapter 3 states that the SPH (Snowdonia Pumped Hydro) expects the grid connection to be underground however has no direct control over the electrical connection as it is Associated Development and therefore can provide no assurance on the connection.

Chapter 17 Cumulative Impact Assessment considers the inter-related impacts from the grid connection and the Project but no visual assessment is undertaken as the electrical connection is assumed to be underground. This assessment is therefore invalid. The assessment of the worst case visual impact of the overground electrical connection with the Glyn Rhonwy development will be a major adverse significant impact throughout the project life on the visual amenity of the area.

I am concerned by the proposed location of the pumping station within the lagoons area of Llyn Padarn – in regard to:
• Safety to recreational users;
• Potential restriction on recreational use of the lagoons area;
• damage to the visual amenity of the area;
• damage to established trees on the Llyn Padarn shoreline; and
• loss of recreational amenity due to noise and light pollution.
Chapter 4 states it was agreed with National Resources Wales that the approved scheme would be of sufficient depth (5 m) that adverse effects to recreational users in Llyn Padarn would be avoided. The potential effects are not identified - what depth is actually considered safe and whether seasonal variation in water depth is considered.

Contaminated water has the potential to enter the lake from disturbance of the quarry housing old ammunitions containing TNT etc. Any contamination will pose a safety risk to recreational users.

Chapter 4 states the pumping station will be in a vegetated area by the car park.This area is not a car park but a grass picnic area with picnic tables, mature trees and enclosed shallow lagoons for safe sheltered swimming, and as advised by Country Council For Wales, February 2013, “The proposed pump house is to be built on the shores of Llyn Padarn, within the area locally known as the lagoons ... a very important recreational resource for local people and tourists”.
There is no clear rationale for considering the location of the pumping station directly in the middle of the lagoons.The impacts from the pump station with regard to loss of trees, light pollution, noise, and disturbance during construction are all identified in the Draft ES and would be minimised by moving the location outside of this key area.

Chapter 12 states the pumps are not inherently noisy. What does this mean in way of background humming? The noise assessment is incorrect as does not consider the nearest NSR, recreational users, “directly adjacent” and high sensitivity.

Chapter 15 Socioeconomics advises that the location of the pumping station has been moved from the lagoon area and so has not been assessed. This is not the case as it remains one of only two options being presented. This assessment is therefore incorrect.