Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage

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Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage

Received 08 January 2016
From Dean Lawton


My main concern is the potential damage to Public Health and Llanberis, particularly Llyn Padarn with the spill off from the quarries, knowing that chemical and other ordinance have been stored there. Previously classified information has now been released in the Developer’s documentation about known and unknown ordnance remaining on site.

My other concerns are:
The Developer gives assurances that the connection to the national grid will be underground, but there is no legal obligation. Financial and technical considerations could result in pylons being used. There should be a legal obligation to make the connection underground

Llanberis area is very popular for outdoor recreation, including fishing and watersports for local people and visitors. Any degradation of the environment arising from this scheme, particularly water quality for swimming or fishing, could have a negative effect on this important part of the local economy.