Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage

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Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage

Received 12 January 2016
From Christine Jordan


I am registering as an interested party in regard to this developement as a local resident who will be impacted by the proposed scheme.
I have previously submitted my concerns several times to the Developer at consulation stage ,but these concerns have not been adequately addressed and I wish to make reprensentation to see that the impacts on myself and my neighbours are refuced or sufficiently mitigated.
1.The proposal to ose our small lane as access for all construction traffic for the building of the Dam and resevoir is totally unsuitable and the lane ,even with some added passing places is not fit for purpose.This phase will go on for several years, during which time we shall have our safety compromised,our house devalued or damagedand feel at risk every time we venture out of our homes.The applicant has no intention of being the developer,but will sell the project and promises made may never be fulfilled.We shall in practice have to actively police and try to enforce any conditions meant to ensure our safety.

2.The previous use of Glyn Rhonwy as a disposal location for bombs, nerve gas and other ordanance makes it totally unsafe and unacceptable as a site through which there will be tunnels drilled.What could happen if these old and unstable items are disturbed?The Zetica report makes chilling reading and highlights the real dangers we could all face.

3.The use of Llyn Padarn as the water supply and for discharge is putting in danger the unique qualities of this iconic lake.The water sports enjoyed by locals and tourists safely throughout the year is at risk ,we cannot allow this natural resource to be destroyed.

4.The development of much more sophisticated and self contained electricity storage facilities are becoming a reality,Bill Gates has made this one of his missions.This will make pumped storage uneconomic and unviable,when this happens and the managing company
goes out of business who will maintain the dam and protect the village of Waunfawr
below?This would be a permanent structure that will change the landscape forever but could hold financial and hidden dangers for the local council in the future.

I conclude that this development is unneccessary,enhancing the existing connection from Dinorwigto the Grid enanbling it to run at full capacity is surely more sensible. This profit making scheme for Snowdownia Pumped Hydro is compromising safety for local residents on many aspects,please listen to our concerns.