Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage

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Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage

Received 04 January 2016
From Chloe Rafferty


1. As a regular swimmer in Llyn Padarn I am concerned about the effects of the scheme on the lake and shores regarding both access in the Y Glyn (Lagoons) area and the effect on the quality of the water.

2. I have concers about the overall effect to the environment of Llyn Padarn due to the potential leaking of dumped military waste in the proposed sites.

3. I am an organiser of an SwimRun event that takes place in Y Glyn in late June ( As well as my points from 1. I am concerned that the building of the pump house will cause a loss of access to this area for swimming and running along the shores which will prevent this event from taking place. This is my business so I have a vested interest in the area and it's access through Padarn Country Park Authorities.