Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage

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Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage

Received 15 January 2016
From Snowdonia-Active


REGULATION: Mitigation of environmental and other risks associated with the scheme will depend on effective monitoring and regulation. Assurance is sought that regulation and enforcement, particularly by NRW will be effective.

CONSULTATION: The developer has misrepresented several aspect of the development which renders the consultation process invalid. The consultation has seemed more like a public relations exercise. Elected representatives at local and national level have failed to engage with critics of the scheme. The consultation process has been inadequate.

MUNITIONS: There is an apparent degree of risk associated with the amount of explosive and chemical munitions potentially remaining on the site. Further information is required to understand the implication of this to public health and the environment, particularly with respect to the activities proposed by the developer.

WATER MONITORING: Proposals for monitoring and controlling discharge from the quarries in both constructional and operational phases are inadequate. Harmful chemicals could have a profound effect on downstream water catchment areas.

GRID CONNECTION: The Developer gives assurances that the connection to the national grid will be underground but this is misleading as the connection to the grid is influenced by other factors. There should be an obligation to make the connection underground to the existing pylons/Pentir sub station.

RECREATIONAL: Llanberis area is very popular for outdoor recreation, including fishing and watersports for local people and visitors. Degradation of the environment arising from this scheme could have a negative effect on this important part of the local economy.

ACCESS: The “land swap” being offered as part of this scheme is not a satisfactory arrangement.

EMPLOYMENT: The Developer’s documented information about the number of "local jobs" is different to the larger numbers being circulated during consultation.

NOISE: During construction: The impact of this noise has not been adequately addressed. During operation:. The potential negative impact on human health of long term exposure to low frequency noise/vibration has not been adequately addressed.

PROCEDURAL: There are serious questions regarding the accountability of the development procedures to date. The preparation of the lower site by Gwynedd Council, then application for Planning Permission to this same body, then this application to the UKPI for a larger scheme, and applying for this DCO without a water discharge consent from NRW seems disingenuous.

CONSIDERATION OF ALTERNATIVES: The Environmental Statement does not adequately consider the alternative of doing nothing, or of simply enlarging the similar but much larger scheme just across the valley at Dinorwig with far less additional risk to the local environment.

FLOOD RISK: Risks due to flooding are not considered adequately with regard to residents directly in the flowpath. They do not adequately address the possibility of catastrophic and sudden loss of containment. There is high possibility of unexpected flowpaths connecting the whole quarry system deriving from earlier documented and undocumented quarry workings. Assurance that the local water table will not be raised by seepage from the and that rapid river level changes from unnanounced releases of water is required. These risks are not adequately addressed by SPH