Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage

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Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage

Received 08 January 2016
From Ann Lawton


I am extremely concerned regarding the potential for the contamination of Llyn Padarn through the disturbance of the waters contained in the quarries. Previously classified information has been released in the Developer’s documentation about known and unknown ordnance remaining on site. Large volumes of water will be discharged from the quarries and could carry harmful chemicals. This could have a profound effect on downstream water catchment areas. Proposals for monitoring and controlling this discharge are inadequate. Public safety and environmental sustainability are paramount. Chemical and other weapons were stored in the quarries. (Reference: document entitled 'Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage Development Consent Order Appendix 8.5 Zetica (2015) UXO Desk Study Report').

There are many worrying quotes in the report, mainly:

* 'temporarily used as a storage facility for 14,000 tons of bombs filled with Tabun, a toxic nerve gas'

*'Records indicate that this disposal was not always successful..."

*'Disposal activities at RAF Llanberis are considered to provide a source of UXO hazard within the quarry pits on the site'

*I notice that pit locations are marked incorrectly on some photographs giving extreme concern should we agree with the location of ammunition on site at the present time

* the RAF was unwilling to certify the quarries completely free of explosives despite rendering safe each disposal area.

* In 2015 'During recent Site walkovers, the Client has encountered potential items of UXO. These discoveries indicate that, despite the extensive EOD operation, not all items of ordnance within the quarry pits were accounted for’.

*'the decomposition products of these materials, especially Mercury and Lead can be highly toxic’.

Should these points not be addressed, they could possibly lead to terrible effects on the lives and health of local people, workers and the wildlife and water contained in Llyn Padarn. The possible catastrophic effects could lead to losing 100s of jobs too.

I have written to the MOD who are yet to be able to state that the site and it's contents are safe. In view of this, how can the developers possibly ensure that the site and its contents are safe!!...and if anything was to happen, how would the developer deal with it?

This matter surely needs to be considered at the highest level, given the extraordinary site circumstances involving the storage of chemical and conventional weapons. Public safety and environmental sustainability are paramount.