Portishead Branch Line – MetroWest Phase 1

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Portishead Branch Line - MetroWest Phase 1

Received 25 February 2020
From Public Health England


Thank you for your consultation regarding the above development. Public Health England (PHE) welcomes the opportunity to comment on your proposals at this stage of the project and can confirm that: With respect to Registration of Interest documentation, we are reassured that earlier comments raised by us on 4th December 2017 have been addressed. In addition, we acknowledge that the Environmental Statement (ES) has not identified any issues which could significantly adversely affect public health. We are satisfied with the methodology used to undertake the environmental assessment. On the basis of the documentation as reviewed we have no additional comments to make at this stage and can confirm that we have chosen NOT to register an interest with the Planning Inspectorate on this occasion. Reducing public exposures to non-threshold pollutants (such as particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide) below air quality standards has potential public health benefits. We support approaches which minimise or mitigate public exposure to non-threshold air pollutants, address inequalities (in exposure), and maximise co-benefits (such as physical exercise) and encourage their consideration during development design, environmental and health impact assessment, and development consent. New rail developments, such as the Portishead branch line, if served by electric rather than diesel trains would contribute to such reductions in air pollution. We are aware that electrification is not part of the current proposal but would encourage the applicant to ensure that the development was undertaken in manner that would allow electrification at the earliest possible opportunity. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.