Portishead Branch Line – MetroWest Phase 1

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Portishead Branch Line - MetroWest Phase 1

Received 25 February 2020
From Kirsty Andres


We live opposite the proposed car park in Pill. We have (redacted) and have an allocated disabled bay outside our house for (redacted) wheelchair accessible vehicle. We have recently had a platform lift installed to ensure safe access for (redacted) from the kerb to our front door. Our major concern will be commuters parking on surrounding roads, including ours, and using our disabled bay (which I’m aware we do not “own”). Our interest will be in how this will be avoided/resolved and if we will have a residents parking scheme. We need 3 meters behind the vehicle to safely get (redacted) in and out which is currently possible as the ramp opens into the area over our drive and if we can’t park outside the house this will cause great stress and concern.