Portishead Branch Line – MetroWest Phase 1

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Portishead Branch Line - MetroWest Phase 1

Received 25 February 2020
From Poppy Coley


I fully support the Portishead branchline project and appreciate that any infrastructure project of its type will have impacts on the communities which will ultimately receive the benefit. I believe that the long term gain will outweigh the short term pain. I do however have concerns about management of traffic throughout the village and particularly access to Lodway Farm as a compound. As a mother who walks (redacted) to school most days, we have struggled to find a safe place to cross the main road through the village. Cars often do not stop at the crossing by the NewAvon Arms, so we end up crossing by Lodway Service Station, but we often have extended waits to get across the road safely. My concern is that this may prove impossible once construction traffic is added in. The Lodway Farm compound is of particular concern because of the access, I appreciate that the main access will be via Marsh Lane, but the planning allows for cars, minibuses and HGVs to access via Trinder Road. I would like reassurance that the volume of these will be minimised and that there will be safety measures in place. The turning into The Poplars is already the site of numerous near misses due to it being a blind bend with parked cars on one side of the road and all these roads are residential streets with lots of parked cars that are difficult enough to cross with small children with the current levels of traffic. Residents mostly drive with caution around here, but an increase in traffic, especially of commercial traffic, will increase the risk. I also have concerns about a lack of condition to return the whole compound to agricultural land. I would ask for; 1- confirmation that the land will be returned to its original use 2- enforceable conditions are imposed to limit the use of the Trinder road access, not merely guidance 3- enforceable safety conditions are detailed for the use of the roads leading to the Trinder road access