Portishead Branch Line – MetroWest Phase 1

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Portishead Branch Line - MetroWest Phase 1

Received 14 February 2020
From Mike Richards on behalf of Nine of Bristol


1) We support the application to reuse an existing route and provide energy efficient, public transport. But the time line to completion considering the climate crisis should dictate electrification of rolling stock. 2) The frequency of service is too low and more passing places should be accommodated 3) A station at Ashton Gate should be provided to accommodate the needs of local residents, Bower Ashton Campus of University of the West of England i) Ashton Park School ii) The Create Centre iii) Ashton Court conference, visitors centre, events and theatre iv) Ashton Park (leisure and festivals) v) Bristol City, and Bristol Rugby Club football ground Transport routes also converge on Ashton Gate with the potential for interchange:- vi) Guided bus fast route vii) Bristol ferry viii) Airport bus service ix) South Bristol outer circular route and Portway to Avonmouth x) Festival Way and other cycle routes 4) The Ashton Gate station, road, pedestrian and cycle access should be integrated with the proposed removal of the Plimsoll Bridge and new road, pedestrian and cycle routes 5) Objection to provision of additional rolling stock and upgrading of the whole line to accommodate peaks in demand at Ashton Gate run contrary to the stated aim of application 6) The the additional costs should be in part or all offset by the improved functionally, access and service resulting in extra revenue and capital cost offsets by joint improvements associated with the Plimsoll Bridge works. 7) It is a false economy to not fully plan new transport infrastructure without anticipation of a low carbon future.