Hinkley Point C New Nuclear Power Station

Enquiry received via post

Hinkley Point C New Nuclear Power Station

29 November 2011
The Power Trust - Name Not Supplied


Correspondence dated ?November 2011? has been received from ?The Power Trust? without an address for return correspondence. The correspondence is titled ?Advance Briefing for IPC Commissioners and Assessing Staff? and is attached. The Correspondence relates to the Hinkley Point C application.

Advice given

The correspondence was unsolicited. The Power Trust does not have a role in briefing Commissioners or IPC staff. The correspondence did not provide a return address, and so this response is being recorded on our advice log as an informative.
The correspondence asks that we decline to accept the above application for examination on the basis that it is ?premature? in the absence of parallel consents, and makes representations on the merits of the proposals.
The tests that must be satisfied before an application can be accepted are set out in S55(3) of the Planning Act 2008 (PA2008). They do not include any requirement that all required parallel consents have been secured.
The application was accepted for examination on 24 November 2011. An examination will consider the merits of the proposals. The Power Trust may make representations to, and participate in, that examination by registering as an Interested Party.
The correspondence cannot serve to register The Power Trust as an interested party because it is not made on the prescribed form, does not supply the prescribed information, and is not made within the prescribed period. S102 of the PA 2008 and Regulation 4 of the Interested Parties Regulations (2010/102) apply.
The applicant will advertise the acceptance of the application and will set a deadline for the submission of relevant representations. The Power Trust may register as an interested party at that time.

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