Hinkley Point C New Nuclear Power Station

Enquiry received via email

Hinkley Point C New Nuclear Power Station

01 October 2010
Rachel Western


I understand that you are the person to contact with regard to concerns over process with respect to the EdF Hinkley Application.
Please find below an E-mail that I have sent to PPS Group requesting clarification over how the points that I made in my ( Jan 2010) Submission to the Stage One Consultation were addressed in the ( July 2010 ) EdF Report on Stage One.
For information, I also attach my ( Jan 2010 ) Stage One Submission.

Advice given

Thank you for your email, addressed to my colleague Mr Gambles, and the attached correspondence which relates to the consultation being conducted by EDF. Developers have a duty to consider responses to consultation and publicity. When an application is submitted, the Commissioner(s) will decide whether EDF has met its statutory duty to consult effectively with the local community. A copy of your correspondence will be placed on our file and seen by the Commissioner(s) before that decision is made.
If you would like your views on the consultation considered at this pre-application stage then, in addtion to making them known to EDF Energy directly as you have, you may wish to let your local authority know. The local authority will be asked for their views on how effective EDF?s consultation has been at the time the application is submitted to us. We are happy to be copied into any correspondence of this nature.

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